Virtually Finished AC is a Saskatchewan based Administrative Contracting Corporation

My name is Megan Crane and I’m happy to introduce Virtually Finished AC. A small team of experienced administrators, financial wizards, and wordsmiths, we provide high quality custom administrative and project support wherever we are needed. I founded this company to bridge the gap many professionals face – namely, the need for quality administrative support that simply doesn’t justify a full-time employee – we understand that sometimes your business just needs an extra hand.

Our team provides both remote and on-site services, and are passionate about achieving high-performance results for our clients, so you know that big or small, your project is our priority.

 At Virtually Finished we love finding ways to make the chaos of the day into a well-oiled machine, because we know that good systems turn into productivity and simplicity.

Whether you are looking for ongoing support or have a single project in mind, let us help you get there.

We offer Virtual Executive Assistance, Data Management, Finance Administration, a full range of Writing and Reporting services, and First Nations Operational Services tailored exactly to you. Let us  do your project proposals, proof your papers, build your client database, manage your bookkeeping, and turn your raw data into business intelligence, so you can keep your eye on your business!