At Virtually Finished we are lucky to have qualified, experienced specialists to assist your First Nation in achieving your goals in nearly every area of operations.  ISC reporting requirements are specific to say the least, and we have over a decade of combined experience in handling funding programs and reporting requirements for First Nation organizations. When you have deadlines approaching, you can count on us to produce high quality reports well within their due date!

Whether you are looking to build capacity through P& ID grants, maintain or establish your RLEMP lands funding, want to get your year end reports in order, or are starting a community engagement process for a Land Code or proposed Trust Agreement, Virtually Finished has the expertise you need to achieve it.  We’ve listed several of our available services below, but since each First Nation has its own specific vision and needs, we encourage you to get in touch to set up the right services today!

RLEMP Level Lands Contracting Professional
Land Code Preparation
Community Engagement Strategies
Level 1 and 2 Environmental Assessment
Policy Development
Grant Writing
Reporting and Documentaion
Human Resources Solutions
Archival Solutions
Digitizing Records
Filing Overhaul