Writing Services

Looking to expand your organizational capacity but don’t have the time to do the legwork and applications on top of your own full time workload? Let us conduct research, write policy, develop presentations, and even write the report, grant or proposal based on direction and consultation from you. Deadlines get on top of even the most organized professionals, and often things seem to happen all at once. If you need quality work with a quick turnaround, give us a call and let us get you back on schedule.

Have a lot of experience you’d like to share but not the technical or maybe the writing skills to develop your workshop materials? Let us develop your knowledge into an educational presentation format to suit your needs and put your skills to work for yourself.


A polished resume, report, or proposal can make all the difference when you are trying to promote a new initiative or land a new contract. Virtually Finished offers proofing and editing services at all levels to help you get through to the audience you need. Whether you just need a fresh set of eyes to check for simple grammar and formatting errors or want a more involved writing partner to flesh out your ideas and make more substantive suggestions for your document, we have the skills to help you show your ideas in the best light.

Starter Packages begin at $300| Standard Packages begin at $650
Premier Packages begin at $1200 |Custom project Quotes available

Policy Writing and Review

Substantive Editing/Coaching
Speeches and presentations
Document Proofing/Formatting